It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but amidst the excitement of Christmas, the season can also bring up a whole host of emotions for families managing life threatening food allergies. After all, this is the time of year when food seems to get a whole lot of attention and is often the centerpiece of gatherings and occasions. 

As parents of children with additional health needs, we truly understand the additional obstacles that you may need to navigate this Christmas time. We hope that through this article you find some advice and information that is useful to you. 

Carry a tasty, safe treat with you everywhere you go

This time of year, it is especially easy to be caught off guard. Whether visiting Santa and being offered an edible gift, or a Christmas train ride with treats on board, food is everywhere.

By carrying your own safe treat you can be more at ease knowing that your little Elf will have something tasty to enjoy and wont feel left out.

Always be prepared

Carrying your allergy and asthma medication everywhere you go can help to give you and your family that extra boost of confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are ready should a reaction occur. 

Allerpack insulated bags are a great way of ensuring that your medication is always close by and kept at a safe temperature (between 20°c and 25°c).

The handy wristlet makes them convenient to carry or attach to other bags. The bright choice of colours means they’re easily identifiable in an instant, as well as being attractive enough to carry about with you all the time. 

We also have handy pins and cards so you can personalise your Allerpack bag further.

Communication is the Key

With the very best of intentions, extended family members and friends may not always get it right when preparing food for you and your family with food allergies. This can cause a great deal of anxiety for individuals and put strains on relationships.
It is important to talk with family and friends in advance about how they can best prepare your food and keep your family safe. You can even suggest visiting after food and bringing the drinks or dessert. Consider making the occasion more about celebrating being together and less about the food. 

Hostess with the Most-ess

Families of individuals with asthma or allergies can often make the best hosts. Being safe in the knowledge that you’re in your own home and that you have safely bought and prepared the food, can mean that you can relax and let your hair down a little. 

There may still be things to consider, such as helping your guests with the names of safe treats but don’t be shy, it’s important to communicate and you’ll usually find that they’d prefer to contribute safely than come emptyhanded.  

Be Aware

From dusty Christmas decorations, to real Christmas trees, seasonal flowers and scented candles, this time of year can often mean that there are different allergens in homes, shopping centers and restaurants. 

Being aware, always carrying your medication and speaking up can all help with managing these reactions. 

Your Christmas might look a little different to what you expected, especially if you or a family member is newly diagnosed.

It is the love, inclusion and extra consideration that contributes to making every gettogether so special. Plus a little sprinkle of Christmas magic of course.

We would love to know your tips for having a ‘free from’ Christmas so please comment them below. We are stronger together and by sharing our experiences. 

Even at this busy time of year when the calendar is covered with plans, it is important to follow your Allergy and/or Asthma Action Plan and always follow your doctors advice. 

Remember, even on Christmas Day, help is available to you should you need it. 

We wish you and your family a safe, inclusive and merry Christmas.