Katie and José met through the wonderful world of social media, following Katie’s idea to place one of José’s quotes on a medication bag she had designed.

Following that, they found a shared passion for allergy and the common goal of providing a safe way to carry allergy medication.

To add to Katie’s bag idea, José shared his idea for an insulated medical bag that he had designed, which would complement the range they wanted to make available.

This lead to the creation of the Allerpack company and site.

Katie came up with the idea of the personalised canvas bag when she realised the importance of having an allergy medication on hand at all times. Having it rolling around in the bottom of the nappy bag did not seem efficient enough in an emergency.

Once her children were of the age to start nursery and school, Katie wanted it to be as easy as possible for the teachers and staff to access the medication too. So making personalised bags ensured they were easily identifiable as well as convenient to grab and carry around school.

After seeing thousands of children in his Allergy clinics, José noticed the common pattern of parents and patients not bringing a container for their allergy emergency medication. He saw it all from plastic bags, the bottom of rucksacks, mother’s bags and hard plastic boxes. It was very rare he saw something appropriate to carry the medication in a safe, easily accessible and temperature controlled way.

This gave rise to the idea of insulated allergy bags.

Together, they have spent months creating, designing and improving a range of medication bags, each designed with their own specific needs, requirements and with their customers in mind.

José being a Paediatric Allergy Consultant and a father of a boy with multiple allergies, and Katie being a teacher and a mother to three children with multiple allergies, they cover many corners of the allergy world.

Fueled by their shared passion for learning and advocating for those with allergies, they have used their knowledge to create products they hope you will love and will help keep you and your loved ones safe.