I am Katie, mother to three beautiful children and wife to Laurence. I am a qualified primary school teacher and have worked in education for the past ten years. Together as a family, we love going to the coast and spending quality time together.

Laurence and I were thrown into the deep end of allergy life when our oldest son, Teddy, went into anaphylaxis at 6 months old. We then went on to have two more wonderful children, Brodie and Aurora, both with food and environmental allergies, eczema, and asthma. Living with children with multiple allergies and discovering the new world of allergy, I found a new passion for learning and advocating for my family and others like ours.

I currently run The Free From Mummies Podcast, where together with my co-host Jade, we share, chat, laugh and cry all things allergy. I enjoy having a range of guests on the podcast and experience the different journeys and perspectives from the allergy world.

I also run a local support group for parents of children with atopic conditions. We meet twice a month, once with children and once without, and enjoy spending time within this like-minded community to let off some steam, draw in some strength, and talk with others who have had similar experiences to us.

I am an advocate for raising awareness for allergies within the community and have recently advocated for an ‘Allergy Awareness Sign’ to be presented in our local park. The feedback that I have had from this sign has been wonderful.

With a real passion and true love for learning about allergy, I am honoured to have been able to work on the design and production of these bags and am excited to continue to grow and learn more about allergies.