It is frequently seen, within the allergy community and social media support groups, that families struggle to access the right care and support.

New mums are often labelled ‘over anxious’ and have many symptoms and concerns diagnosed as ‘typical baby issues’.

Whilst allergies in young children and babies are complex to diagnose due to these overlapping symptoms, many individuals leave appointments feeling deflated, confused and not listened to.

Through the Patient Charter, anxieties and concerns of families managing allergies are acknowledged whilst also striving for the ‘gold standard’ in care and for the condition to be treated with respect and equality to other conditions.
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This week, 24th – 28th April 2023, marks Allergy Awareness Week.

This year’s theme, produced by Allergy UK, focuses on the ‘right to a Quality Standard of Care for allergic patients’.

Allergy UK has launched a Patient Charter, working to ‘improve the lives and standard of care of individuals’ by collecting patient voices and experiences.*

How can we raise awareness for living with allergies this Allergy Awareness Week?

There are many things that we can do as individuals and families managing allergies to raise awareness. From talking with others about the Top 14 food allergens and reading labels to sharing the signs and symptoms of a reaction, all this education contributes towards a deeper insight and understanding of living with allergies.

At Allerpack, we have information cards which fit perfectly into the transparent sleeve of you adults or child’s Allerpack bag. Not only are these cards ideal in an emergency situation in providing clear information, but they are also a wonderful conversation starter about the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and what to do in an emergency. 

The bright colours and friendly characters on these cards, all contribute towards making these conversations light but informative. 

Raising Awareness in Schools

On average, in the UK, there are two children in each classroom who have allergies. This growing number highlights the importance of raising awareness and education about allergies in schools. This is not only to the benefit of allergic children but sharing information on allergies; it can help to make the classroom a safer and more inclusive space for everyone.

Co-founder of Allerpack and paediatric allergy consultant Dr Costa has recently worked with Julianne from Creative Nature, Natalie from Allergy Badge and Steph from Positively Allergic to create an Allergy Awareness assembly. The assembly will teach children about allergies and allergens, allergic reactions, safe eating and helping others.
If you would like the free information pack for your school, you can contact Dr Costa for more information.

Allerpack bags a perfect for the classroom. The spacious size and the designated spaces for two adrenaline auto-injectors and inhalers, means that they are a safe and reliable space for your allergy and emergency medication. 

The choice of colours makes them easily identifiable and the information cards provides that vital information right there when you need it most. 

We would love to know how you are raising awareness this Allergy Awareness Week. Leave a comment below for us to share how you are spreading education and information on living with allergic disease.